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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long have you been in business?
    Paradise Pastries has been making custom order cakes and pastries since the Spring of 2006. Bethany and Charity both completed an A.S. in Baking and Pastry Arts from Sullivan University in 2003 and have been creating and decorating cakes ever since.
  2. Are you licensed by the State of Hawaii?
    Yes. Paradise Pastries has all necessary licenses to do business in the State of Hawaii as a food establishment.
  3. How are your cakes?
    Delicious. Come in for a tasting to try for yourself.
  4. Is there a fee for tastings and consultations?
    No there is no fee for your FIRST tasting and consultation. You may choose up to 5 flavors and fillings from the list on our flavors page that you would like to taste during your consultation. Please inform us of your choices when making an appointment or at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

    Custom flavors (including vegan, gluten free and other flavors not listed on our flavors page) will incur a $25 fee.

    If additional tastings are required each additional tasting will incur a $25 fee.
  5. What are your hours? What days and times can I make an appointment and/or tasting for?
    We do not have set hours of operation and all consultations and tastings require an appointment. We are generally available for appointments Monday through Thursday from 2-5pm and Friday through Sunday there is limited availability throughout the day. Please call or email to set up an appointment. Please choose up to 5 flavors and fillings from the list on our flavors page that you would like to taste during your consultation and let us know your choices at least 48 hours prior to your appointment time.
  6. Should I bring anything with me to the appointment?
    It is a good idea to bring: Color swatches if you want to incorporate your wedding color in your cake design; Pictures of cakes or ideas you like that you have found from any source; If you have purchased a cake topper it would be good to bring it in or a picture and measurements; A list of any questions you might have.
  7. Can I send a friend or family member to try the cake for me as I am not on island?
    Yes. Just let us know which flavors you would like them to taste when you set up the appointment for them.
  8. When should I place an order for my special event?
    We recommend placing an order at least 3 weeks before and up to a year prior to the event date. We have limited availability for each day and will not be able to take orders for a date after capacity has been reached.
  9. What is the best way to contact Paradise Pastries?
    By phone at 808-949-3931 or email at See our contact page.

    For time sensitive questions contact cell number: 808-375-5388
  10. What are your policies for placing an order?
    A $100 deposit is required to hold your event date. The balance is due at least three weeks prior to the event date. Changes can be made and your deposit is refundable up till the three week mark prior to your event date. Within three weeks of your event date no changes and no refunds will be possible.
  11. I am planning a destination wedding and cannot come in for a tasting or consultation, what should I do to order a cake?
    Please call or email us with with any questions or to request a quote for a cake. Base cake tier prices with sizes and servings are listed on our site on our pricing page and provides ideas to start with. You are welcome to send in pictures of cake ideas that you like from any source. Colors, flowers, sizes and designs in almost all cases can be changed according to your desired custom cake. Please provide the number of servings desired when requesting a quote. Other information that will be needed to place an order: time and location of reception if delivery is desired; contact phone numbers for bride and or event planner; wedding colors/theme. Once the details of your custom order are decided we will email or fax you a copy of the completed order form to look over and confirm that the information is correct.
  12. What are your most popular flavor combinations for cake and fillings?
    See our flavors page for a list of flavors we offer. Each standard tier has 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of filling.
    • Vanilla Cream cake with Strawberry Cream filling
    • Chocolate cake with Ganache and/or Raspberry Cream filling
    • Red Velvet cake with White Chocolate Cream Cheese filling
    • Coconut cake with Lilikoi
    • Yellow Butter cake with Pineapple Filling
  13. What if I want a cake flavor or filling not listed on your website?
    Special requests for most flavors or specialty cakes can be accommodated, however they will incur a fee starting at $25 per flavor. Fresh fruit starts at $0.50 a serving and will be priced according to season.
  14. Do you make cheese cake wedding cakes?
    Yes, we can make a cheesecake to look like a wedding cake. They can only be iced with buttercream icing, but they can be decorated to look just like many other wedding cakes. Cheesecakes are not recommended for outdoor weddings unless they can be kept cool until time for serving— it can be messy to cut a cheesecake when warm. Wedding Cheesecakes start at an additional $25 per tier.
  15. What is the difference between the Fondant icing and the Italian Buttercream icing?
    Fondant is an icing substance used to decorate or sculpt cakes and pastries. Being a French term, it means "melting" with the same root as the work "foundry” in English. It is a sugar based product that is malleable and rolled out like a pie dough then used to cover the cake. It is becoming ever more popular as the design possibilities are almost limitless. People tend to like the smooth finish fondant has to offer as well as it's ability to provide a truer color to match a wedding theme. Fondant is generally recommended for outdoor weddings here in Hawaii, especially if the reception will be held on the beach. Some designs can only be created using fondant.

    Italian Buttercream or Ivory Buttercream is an old world recipe used for hundreds of years by classic European chefs. It is a fluffy-creamy, meringue type of icing that is made with real butter that tends to be less sweet than a powdered sugar icing. Buttercream cakes should not be kept in direct sunlight. Most people enjoy eating buttercream, yet love the look of fondant. It can make for a hard choice. You are welcome to try both when you come in for a tasting.
  16. My reception will be held outside, will I need a tent?
    It is best to keep all cakes out of direct sunlight and in some form of shade whether it is provided by a tent, a lanai, a tree, etc... Clear top tents do not provide shade and also create a greenhouse effect. When deciding where to place your cake under then tent, remember that the sun moves throughout the day and will come in at an angle eventually. Without caution, the cake may end up on the side of the setting sun which will place the cake in direct sunlight. Also placing the cake on the side/edge of the tent is not a good idea if any windy rain is expected.
  17. How can I pay for my cake?
    We accept cash, check and all major credit cards. We recommend that any cash be paid in person at the shop and not via mail. Checks can be made out and mailed to:

    Paradise Pastries

    1507 S. King St #304
    Honolulu, HI 96826.

    We must received your check at least 3 weeks prior to your event date. All credit card payments must be made via our website on our payment page. You will receive and automatic email when you complete the payment online and later we will personally email you to let you know we received the payment.
  18. Do you make custom, 3D or sculpted cakes?
    Yes, in fact most cakes we make are custom designed to some degree. Special design 3D sculpted cakes are available, please email pictures and details or call for accurate quotes. Most 3D cakes start at $5 a serving with a minimum cake order of $200. Similar cakes in 2D form can also be made starting at half the price of most 3D cakes.
  19. Do you make cupcake towers?
    Yes. The ideas are limitless for cupcake wedding cake towers. Some information to get started: There is a minimum order of 2 dozen cupcakes. You can choose a different flavor of cake if you wish for every 2 dozen cupcakes ordered. Cupcake prices include a simple design on top of each cupcake, more complicated designs will be additional. Cupcakes can have a filling if desired and is an additional $0.25 each. There are a two choices for cupcakes stands: disposable or clear acrylic. See our pricing page for more information.

    The disposable stands are available. They can be gold, silver or white. For a more elegant look we recommend renting the clear acrylic stand in either circle or square. To rent the acrylic cupcake stand for a small fee and a refundable deposit that will be returned when the stand is returned in good condition within one week of the event date. See our pricing page for more information.
  20. When and where are you available to deliver cakes and other products?
    Deliveries can be made any day between 7am and 7pm to all Oahu locations. However, dates and times are subject to availability upon placement of order.
  21. How much is delivery and setup for cakes?
    Delivery is priced fairly to anywhere on the island. Setup fees may be additional for some cakes that require extra attention or people to attend to the delivery. Examples might be cupcake towers and fountain cakes. Location specific pricing for delivery can be found on our pricing page.
  22. When should I have my cake delivered?
    The delivery time for your cake depends on several factors: Will the reception be inside or outside? Is there a place to store the cake? Can the cake be moved once it is set up? If the reception is indoors with air conditioning then we recommend having the cake delivered 1 or 2 hours before the event time. Please check with your reception site manager regarding time frames for vendor deliveries. If the cake is to be delivered to a restaurant please inform us of the name the reservation will be listed under and the time of reservation. Make sure to let the restaurant know that you are bringing in a cake, as some restaurants do not allow outside cakes. If the reception will be outdoors then delivery should be about 30-60 minutes before the reception time—NOT the ceremony time—unless you have a place to store the cake. If you don't have shade for the cake or a place to store your cake then you might even consider having the cake delivered at the start of or during the reception (especially for small beach weddings/receptions). If you are having the cake delivered to the beach you are getting married at, please be sure to have all preparations in place.

    Some cakes can be moved and some cannot once it is set up, we can let you know this when you design has been decided. Fondant cakes or buttercream cakes with fondant decorations are not recommend to go in a cooler before the reception as the humidity in Hawaii causes condensation on the cakes and can ruin the look of the cake.

    We understand that everyone wants to make sure everything is ready to go early. It is good to remember that the longer the cake is setting out or around the more time there is for something to happen to it, i.e. someone to stick their finger in the cake, bump the cake, drop the cake, bugs to fly on the cake, flowers to wilt, melting in the sun, etc... Once we leave the reception site after the cake has been delivered and set up at a designated location at the time specified on the order form then we can no longer be responsible for any “accidents” that may occur. We want your wedding day to go as planned and even better, and are happy to go over any questions or details to make your day work out best for you.
  23. Can I or someone else pick my cake or products up instead of having them delivered?
    Yes, you or anyone you list may pick up your products. Please set up an appointment for when you would like to pick up your cake. However, please note we are not able to guarantee safe delivery of any product once it has left our shop in any hands other than our own. We recommend having cakes larger than two tiers delivered. Some cakes cannot be delivered in one piece and may require set up or final assembly upon arrival due to the design, if we do not deliver the cake this final step will be left to the customer—thus we recommend purchasing delivery for these cakes.
  24. Who and when do you bake you cakes?
    Bethany and/or Charity complete all baking and assembly of cakes. All cakes and fillings are made from scratch using real butter, fruits and other quality ingredients. Cakes are baked during the week of the event, with assembly generally beginning the day before the event depending on the design requirements.
  25. Do you have pictures of cakes you have made we can see?
    There are portfolios of our cakes at our shop, however most pictures of our cakes are already laid out on our site or facebook page or our galleries pages.
  26. What if I want fresh flowers on my cake? How much are they?
    There are several options for flowers on your wedding cake and also for who can supply them. If you wish to have fresh flowers then either your florist, you personally or we can provide them. If you are ordering a variety of flowers from a florist then it often a good choice to have them provide your cake flowers so they match perfectly to you reception decorations. If you or your florist are providing the flowers we will put them on the cake for no additional cost. Some florists prefer to put their flowers on the cake and some will not offer it as a choice. If we are decorating the cake with flowers provided by your florist or you, the flowers must either be delivered to the shop before the event or the must be on the cake table at the time of the delivery stated on your order form. If the flowers you or your florist provide are not on the cake table or provided to us by the time of the delivery then we cannot be responsible for putting them on the cake. There may not be time to hunt down flowers as there may be other deliveries that need attending to. You may also have your florist contact us to coordinate details.

    All fresh flowers provided and placed on the cake by us start at an additional $25 and go up from there. The price will depend on the type of flowers desired as well has how many are required for the design of the cake chosen.

    We will not provide fresh plumerias or other delicate or unsafe flowers. For instance, fresh plumerias have a sap that is not recommend for consumption and they also turn brown and become delicate quickly. We can provide gumpaste plumerias, etc...
  27. What are other options besides fresh flower?
    We can provide most any flower made of gumpaste. Gumpaste is similar to fondant, but dries harder. Gumpaste can be airbrushed most colors. Although gumpaste is edible, the flowers take a long time to dry and have wires for stability so it is not recommended to eat most of them. Please ask any questions while placing your order. Some customers also opt for silk flowers on their cake. You are welcome to purchase silk flowers and drop them off at the shop for us to place on your cake.
  28. Do you supply cake knives, servers, plates, stands, fountains, tables, etc.?
    We do not provide cake knives, servers or plates. We do rent some cake stands, but only clear ones for single or double tier cakes, cupcake towers, cascading cake heights, fountain cakes, and pillars at additional fees and deposits.

    We do not rent silver or gold cake stands for standard tiered cakes. We do not provide or decorate cake tables. The cake table needs to be set up and ready for the cake by the delivery time listed on the order form.

For any questions not covered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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